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Frozen Novelty Push Carts - Italian Ice Dipping Cart - No Refrigeration Models


**Meeting health department requirements is the customers responsibility. Check local requirements before you order. We cannot accept returns due to health department restrictions discovered after the order.

CLT-4 No Refrigeration Cart $1790
Four (4) Removable/Reuseable "cool packs" (cold plates) - $299
Italian Ice Umbrella $145
Shipping $300
TOTAL $2,534


(save $544, includes shipping)

or $1890 without cool packs (cart + umbrella - includes shipping)

or $1790 cart alone (includes shipping)

click here to download spec sheet

Want to Finance it? If you have decent credit, you can finance it with Paypal's Bill Me Later - Call Us to discuss

(see pictures and video below)

Italian Ice Push Cart

Italian Ice Cart Vending Business



**Meeting health department requirements is the customers responsibility. Talk to us for clarity on this before making your purchase.

Our CLT-NR (no refrigeration) carts are meant mainly to scoop Italian Ice for a limited amount of time. These carts are similar to the ones that Little Jimmy's uses for their Italian ices. The debate is really about how long you can actually dip the ice before it starts to melt. With our new removable "cool packs" there is no question our carts hold temp for much longer without needing dry ice.

These carts are really well insulated, and I've had some customers tell me that they were able to get up to get 6 hours of scooping ice without using dry ice.

WATCH VIDEO ON THE CLT-4 No Refrigeration Push Cart

(hit play button below)

  Italian Ice Cart Umbrella
Umbrellas $125 + Shipping
or only $109 w/cart purchase
**Meeting health department requirements is the customers responsibility. Talk to us for clarity on this before making your purchase. Note: Umbrella bracket in newly designed CLT carts are not where you see them in the video. See the pictures below and you will see the umbrella bracket is more convenient. Basically a hole in the middle, right in front of the push bar.

Model CLT4-NR (no refrigeration)

  • Capacity 7 cu.ft.
  • Approx 700 novelties or
  •  4 tubs on top, 4 on the bottom
  •  33 1/3" L X 38 3/4" H X 28 1/2 W
  • 2-6 weeks lead time
  • click here to download spec sheet
  • see more pictures below
ice cream push cart package deal

Model CLT6-NR  (no refrigeration - special order only)

  • Capacity 10 cu.ft.
  • Approx 1000 Novelties or
  • 6 tubs on top, 6 on the bottom
  •  43 1/4" L X 38 3/4" H X 28 1/2 W
  • special order - 8-10 weeks lead time

**Meeting health department requirements is the customers responsibility. Talk to us for clarity on this before making your purchase.

Specs for the CLT NR Models:
Lid locks standard on all models.
Top to be 18 ga. type 304 stainless steel, standard. Optional solid surface materials.
Base frame to be welded aluminum.
All exposed corners welded and polished smooth.
Finished exterior stanrd in white ppre-paint steel. Optional Lexan panels at additional charge.
Wheels to be 6" or 8" diameter (2) swivel w/locks, (2) rigid. Load rating of wheel to be a minimum of 350 lbs. each.
Interior of cart to be 24 ga. stainless steel, standard.
Bottom drain installed
Carts to have 5 year limited warranty against insulation failure

Italian Ice Cart Vending Business


italian icewater ice cartscart with cold plateswell insulated stainless steel push cartpush cart with umbrellaitalian ice push cart package dealsice cream push cart package dealpush cart casters wheelsgelato carts











italian icee push cart

italian ice push cart dry ice












italian ice tubs in cart














 The best value in Ice Cream Frozen Novelty Pushcarts with the features you need. These ice cream carts are perfect for selling ice cream outdoors. Stock full of ice cream bars, ice cream cups, plug it in overnight and sell all day without electrical power. Cart will hold below zero temp for up to 12 hours. Nelson Carts are durable, long lasting and are built up to a standard, not down to a price. If you are serious about selling ice cream novelties at outdoor events, you want to make this investment.


BDC-4 With Graphics - Click here for more information and pricing

BDC-6 (With Graphics and Bike Wheels) Click here for more information

BDC-8 With Graphics and Umbrella  Click here for more information

BDC-8S With Bike Wheels  Click here for more information

BDC-10 - For Major Events  Click here for more information


Download Pricing on All Carts Here


- Large capacity compressors
-100% American-made, easily serviced by local refrigeration companies
-All exterior trim is rust proof, standard exterior panels of white FRP.*
-Various temperatures available**
        Frozen novelty storage
        Ice cream dipping
        Italian ices
        Soft-frozen slushes
        Refrigerated products
-Large selection of caster and wheels to suit your application
-Custom graphics on UV-protected Lexan
-Constructed for outdoor mobile use
-Mechanical refrigeration and built-in cold plates

* FRP us Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
specify the product temperature you desire (if other than frozen novelties)
    prior to shipment from factory.

Model BDC-6
Outdoor Mobile Cart
6.0 cu. ft., holds up to 500 novelties

Model BDC-8
Outdoor Mobile Cart
9.0 cu. ft. freezer, holds up to 800 novelties


Download Pricing on All Carts Here



Ice Cream Cart, Ice Cream Push Carts, Ice Cream Novelty Carts, Italian Ice Carts


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Italian Ice Cart Vending Business


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